Trap of Unwanted Counselors

I was among the 6 top scorers in 10th std. from my section scoring the same after the whole year of rigourous study. There were 7 sections combining first shift and second shift in our school and each class having about same amount of it’s top scorer. My school had about 100 something branch widespread…

At age of 70 – happiest in this world

You know life is extremely beautiful when someone at the age of 70 with a few teeth left in his mouth declare himself the happiest person in this world. Yeah it sounds crazy, but in this world full of complains there are some admirers too and this was the most cheering sentence I ever heard….

The Roads

Tired of the work, I chose to take a break and hit the roads for a while. The roads, that appears to have the response to even the unasked inquiries. The place where you find yourself after getting lost. So to find my solace after that day of tiring work, I was traveling down the…

Blaming Society for Being Judgemental

Human is a social animal, yeah I know it sounds cliche but trust me it’s true. During every moment of life either sad, happy, excited or depressed, we want someone to stand beside us, to keep a watch on us and direct us wherever it’s necessary because we are too weak to handle our failure….

Letter for a beautiful soul

Hey love, you are beautiful. You know what we are born alone and someday will die alone, so everything that surrounds us is temporary either they are tempting or irritating. So you have to stay strong with yourself. You should promise yourself that you will never be sorry for the relationships that doesn’t respect you….