Being an IGNOU graduate I am so much used to this question that I feel the need to explain why IGNOU?

Basically I got to meet two types of people-

No. 1- Who had some knowledge about the university and suggested me to back off since their is no future in graduating from there.

No.2- Who knew nothing about the university considering it infamous made my explanation even harder. They would often say that you scored good marks in boards so why here?

Even I couldn’t understand why there, why just IGNOU until recently I discovered the reason. Let me take you to the time when I completed my schooling and was so obsessed with medical profession that I dropped a year for its preparation and unfortunately couldn’t secure any seat in the examinations. But as you know obsession doesn’t leave you easily so I thought about giving another attempt the coming year and this time my father suggested me to pursue my graduation with it.

And I landed up here, studying here totally changed my perspective about education, carrier and all that rush through life.

  1. I was lost and needed my time to figure out things as in if not doctor then what? So as a young girl stepping her foot in this big world was scary and graduating from IGNOU gave me plenty of time for introspecting my choices.
  2. Getting graduation at the time when my other friends are busy doing the same made me feel one among them. And we all know that nobody likes the feeling of being left out from his/her group.
  3. Meeting people belonging to different age groups in the same course made me realize that there is no age bar for pursuing your dream.
  4. I realized there is no need to worry about societies timelines because at the end we would just regret the risk not taken.
  5. The diverse environment around me gave me a sense of responsibility of the decision I made and I will make in future.

I am not here arguing against regular courses after schools as they are designed especially to give you the enhanced knowledge of the courses. All I am trying to say is do whatever you want to do with your life, don’t worry about the societies deadlines and you can always find the way designed somewhere.

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