At age of 70 – happiest in this world

You know life is extremely beautiful when someone at the age of 70 with a few teeth left in his mouth declare himself the happiest person in this world. Yeah it sounds crazy, but in this world full of complains there are some admirers too and this was the most cheering sentence I ever heard.

So I was there sitting near my window seat looking outside (my favorite pass time), I just love observing people around me. An old lady from my neighbour dropped at our home asking for some tea and biscuit. And my father called me to make some tea for the lady and arrange snacks for her. Although I never liked her not because she is old but because she is full of negativity, always complaining about her son and daughter-in-law for not listening to her or caring for her. Always praying to god to call her there in the world of happiness, the heaven. But since she was waiting I offered her whatever she wanted. So she sat on the bench outside our house (couldn’t call her in because of the mess our house was with some construction work going on).

She was having her supper when a man of age 70 (I guess) passed by greeting her and asked her about her well being. To which she replied with her usual grumbling tone about everything that’s going wrong in her life and in return asked the same from him of how’s his life going on. That’s when he replied with that heart winning smile that it’s going on great and declares himself to be the happiest person in this world. This was impressive and I was all ear to them listening to their conversations. They both were in their dotage yet one complaining the world and the other applauding it.

The conversation was going to be interesting. Both of them were experienced of this mystery the life was. Yet their views were different according to the lenses they applied on all things. The old man called himself happy because he is having meals three times a day and that lady was grumbling of the yucking food she is offered in her family. She was complaining that she had very few teeth left in her mouth to chew and the man told him that it’s ok he had the same.

He explained, that the only way to happiness is to stop worrying about the things which are beyond our power and control. Instead she should be happy about the moments she is left with. And then there was a thing that I believe in karma when he remarked we are the one responsible for our miseries whatever treatment we are being offered is the reaction we gave to others, if we always keep criticizing about the things the universe will react the same way to us making it even more uncomfortable place to survive. We should be always careful about our actions. And after this he left with a goodbye and that spark of being the happiest man in this world.

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