Copy Cat

I guess I was in 6th standard when a friend of mine passed this remark “copy cat” on me, for taking the same subjects to prepare in the fields as them. It was exam time and being the studious students we used to take books in the fields rather than playing. I had problems with selection from the starting so just picked the same subject in hast. And receiving such a distinction from your own group felt really bad that I decided to never copy anyone ever in my life.

This was the decision that developed me into a rebellion I am today. Back then as a child I was a girl with high self esteem that even a small commentary affected me a lot. Although I never really knew how to carry my esteem, I couldn’t differentiate that fine line between my self esteem and my stupidity for being hurt unjustifiably. But the more life happened to me, the better I could understand the thing and the comments that should or shouldn’t matter.

But this remark affected me a lot until recently when my introspection found out that copying is a normal human mechanism of growth, there is nothing to be feel shamed off. We learn to walk, talk, understand, explain everything through this copying mechanism. For example, as an artist we first see something get fantasized about it, and eventually get it copied with our sense of imagination. And that’s how a new art form is produced. Copying someone is inevitable but the sense of maturity in it gives it a direction of it’s own that makes it a new discovery.

But copying someone should be taken with care, one should not get hurt by their ideas being stolen, sometimes it really depresses people working on that given idea for so long and that labor being stolen. So we should always regard their permission and if we want to work with them we should never forget to give them the due credit no matter what. We should always keep in mind that copying is only for learning process so we should keep discovering something that’s unknown and fresh, it keeps life interesting and give a sense of purpose to your life.

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  1. serabil says:

    I agree with everything you said. I think it applies a lot to writing fiction too, because I do believe that nothing we write is completely original. You take someone else’s idea and tweak it and change it around until its yours. I wonder how ethical that is, though. I’d be happy if someone drew inspiration from my writing

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