Struggle with Writing

I still remember the time I was introduced to writing journals. Being an introvert child my parenting was quite difficult for them, so my dad introduced me to maintaining journals where I can write my heart out without being embarrassed. And I genuinely loved the idea, although I was never a daily writer as a child but whenever my heart felt heavy I just wrote it down and everything seem light after it.

I continued to practice this routine till I get to know of my sister reading my journals which were meant to kept private and then my parents were also involved in it. I felt devastated, I couldn’t take my secrets being known to them. My siblings being naughty made fun of my imagination and my feelings. That day I felt like I doesn’t belong to this society, but I loved my family to the end so even though I wished to run away I stayed. And now I know this was the best decision I ever made, but I stopped writing journals from then on. Until one of my aunt told me the way of writing and then tearing that piece of paper to the dustbins to maintain privacy. I instantly loved the idea, cause writing was my only form of expression and it made me feel good for myself.

I used to write everything that happened to me, whatever going in my mind and it lead me to a path of self discovery. The more I wrote the more I got to know my likes, dislikes, expectations, strength, weaknesses and so on. I felt free from the unnecessary thoughts, like a bird free from cage and my vision became more clearer than ever. With time and maturity keeping journals have made me fearless than ever before. Now I don’t need to worry about my feeling or my ideas getting known as I started believing the fact that this form of expression should be known to everyone who is struggling through their life. It will give them the strength to fight the situations and stand out as a great warrior.

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