Results Announced!

I was very anxious to see my results just announced, after filling my details on the site I closed my eyes in prayers. But unfortunately I failed. I lied on my bed thinking about the shame I will bring to my family the moment everyone in the society get to know my marks. I tried every possible way to secure the passing grades. But inspite of all this they declared me fail, a big failure in this world my mind shouted again and again.

I swear mom I tried my best to study the subjects although I couldn’t feel any connection to them. Those lessons passed over my head in the classes but I tried my best to cover my incapability under your unbreakable confidence for me. I know mom I couldn’t be smart enough like other students but trust me I am a better human, Please don’t be sad. I am sure I will find around some way, just be with me I need you the most now.

I am feeling alone, my world seems to drown in a black hole, please save me. Everyone is staring at me as if I am some epidemic disease in the group of civilized culture. They are trying to protect their children from me as if get them infected. I am feeling sick mom please save me. I heard the taunt they just passed on your upbringing, I am really sorry for that.

But trust me mom save me this time and I promise I will bring the stars back on earth. I will use my mind and my heart this time to chose the subjects rather than blindly following this society which can’t even stand my failure. I will be the best version you always wanted me to be which I took to be the copy cat of someone. I promise.

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