The Roads

Tired of the work, I chose to take a break and hit the roads for a while. The roads, that appears to have the response to even the unasked inquiries. The place where you find yourself after getting lost.
So to find my solace after that day of tiring work, I was traveling down the road with the pace, the thoughts were running in my mind. On cautious perception I found them similar(traveling on road and the thoughts running in mind) with all the ups and down, bend and turns they convey in our life.
There were streets loaded with ideas streaming interminably that a large number of them get seriously injured due to accidents. And after that there were streets with a lots of obstacles that caused a huge traffic jam behind. But in between the cat race we overlook that each street was not intended to our destiny. Some of the times the street that is less seen, completely thought of little yet firmly desired by our heart is the one that prompts our fate. There might be traffic too and the shot of getting harmed yet the fate is schemed by the universe so we will end up there securely if it is the one meant for us or otherwise should keep searching until that one is found.
So the next time you are heading towards a road follow your instincts and they will care the rest. They will eventually lead you towards the bliss you are honored with.

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