Blaming Society for Being Judgemental

Human is a social animal, yeah I know it sounds cliche but trust me it’s true. During every moment of life either sad, happy, excited or depressed, we want someone to stand beside us, to keep a watch on us and direct us wherever it’s necessary because we are too weak to handle our failure. So having someone to take that responsibility (most importantly blames) makes our survival easier.

We are so busy in making our life easy that we end it up getting complicated. As in being too much dependent on our societies for approval make them the judge of our lives. And this society is performing it’s task with so much dedication that we end up being in it’s court 24/7.

“From your good looks to your favorite books, the way you sleep to the amount of air your breathe (accept this point being silly), the way you dress up to how you carry your make up” literally everything is being watched and judged continuously. Sometimes even starting a conversation feels like standing in a screening exam waiting to be interviewed if you pass their standards.
We scream at such situations, blaming our society for being this embarrassing. Many of us feel so suffocated that we prefer migrating to a new place searching for a more accepting society. And again in finding an easy path we forget that all humans carry 99.9% same genes or in other words they share the same character. So either we have to adapt in the new society with all care of not repeating the past mistakes or we have to learn being alone.
And a midway between all these chaos is to prepare yourself to be responsible for your failure. You should be accountable for yourself. This will lower the weight of giving approvals in our society. And it will do what it is really meant for i.e, to take care of its members.

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