Love”terms and conditions applied”

#love #termsandconditions #society

Love stories have always fascinated me. I have read many of them some ended beautifully while others met tragic ends. And everytime I come across a romantic novel I just fall in love with the concept of being in it. I feel it’s the purest form of expressions on this Earth. But I get disheartened whenever I come across news like honor killing, criminal riots etc as their result.
Although I should accept this fact that our society is changing, it has started accepting the idea of love but under certain terms and conditions:-
1. First criteria for being accepted is only when you fall for the person of the same caste and the standards your society approve.
2. Some intercaste marriages can be accepted easily for the boy sides because of the notion that the boy’s caste will be same irrespective of the marriage.
3. Either you are an officer or rich or at position which the society approve as respectful your love will be approved.
So to approve your unconditional love there comes a lot of terms and conditions.
This makes me wonder that the Newton’s third law is applicable over here also as for love hatred will always arise to balance it. But I just prey that the humanity will be considered as a priority in such situations …

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