Chasing dreams


So finally the tripod stand and her camera is all set to capture this beautiful sunrise. She took a few snaps and relaxed under that massive sky with such a mesmerizing scenery.
It has been a year since she started traveling to unknown places and living a life of her dreams. You know what, life is full of surprises you never know when a nerd would come out of her bookish world and start traveling.
That friend request on the FB from a stranger was the inspiration behind everything.
He was a photographer particularly a street photographer although earlier she never knew about their categories. He has been to different parts of the country following his passion. While she was a studious girl always engaged in some competitive exams because she had been told in childhood that clearing them is her only ticket to achieve her dreams. But for her this guy seems like an exception following his passion the way it is needed. He didn’t wait to be an officer to start photography. And you know what he was also a very good story teller. She was highly fascinated with him and loved listening to his stories. But with the time he found his love and got busy in his own world, she missed him and his stories until she realized her potential of creating and discovering new stories herself.
From that day she has been unstoppable, leaving all her fears behind she has been doing whatever the heck she wanted to do all her life. She is not anymore left to the fate of clearing competitions to achieve the unrelated dreams. She is a free soul now out of her cage in the wild…

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